Custom FRP Spray Systems

Airborne Industrial Equipment is a leader in building, servicing, and training advanced, turnkey FRP spray systems for many commercial and industrial applications. With over 30 years experience in the industry, Airborne Industrial Equipment has the knowledge and experience to deliver quality spray systems custom-built to meet the strictest quality standards and withstand the most rugged environments.

Our FRP spray systems come equipped with quality-brand products from proven manufacturers like Binks, DeVilbiss, and Graco. We custom build, assemble, retool, deploy, service, and troubleshoot every unit we sell and also offer on-site training to all of our clients to ensure the smoothest transition of production and the least amount of down-time.

Portable Custom FRP Spray Systems

Portable Bullhorn “Century” FRP Spray System

We offer a variety of custom FRP spray equipment tailored to a wide range of applications and needs, both commercial and industrial that can spray gel coat, resin laminate, polyurethanes, paint, and more. Interested in knowing more details about a custom unit? Contact us or call us today to find out more, 305-778-9322. Below, check out the more common systems we offer:

Our #1 selling spray system, the Portable Bullhorn “Century” FRP Spray System is the most compact, mobile, and accessible unit we offer. Light-weight and built with custom features you won’t find on other mass-produced systems by bigger manufacturers. We include unique quality-of-life features that make using this system very easy to use, easy to maintain, and troubleshoot.


  • 4-wheel portable cart with convenient bullhorn handle that can also be used to collect the gun hose
  • Binks 17:1 Heavy-Duty Resin Pump
  • 316 Stainless Steel Catalyst Slave Pump
  • Catalyst Flow Meter Assembly with Stainless Steel Gauge
  • System Air Regulators, Air Filter, Gauges, and Valves
  • “Century” LEL External Mix Spray Gun with Nozzle Tip
  • Choice of 25′, 50′, or 100′ spray gun hose
FRP Spray Systems

Portable Boom & Mast FRP Spray System

Our Portable Boom & Mast FRP Spray System is one of the most versatile spray systems on the planet. This system comes standard with a 4-wheel cart and a boom & mast arm with an automatic snap-back hydraulic that makes spraying painless, comfortable, and keeps the spray gun off the floor.


  • Century “LEL” (Low Emission Laminator) High efficiency external mix FRP Gun, Chopper and Nozzle tip
  • Binks Stainless Steel 17:1 Heavy-Duty Resin Pump
  • AX Air Motor with patented magnetic detent spool valve for quick switchover
  • Air motor to fluid section quick-disconnect coupling
  • Resin Outlet Filter & Pulsation Chamber with Self-Contained Pressure Drain System
  • 316 Stainless-Steel Heavy-Duty Catalyst Slave Pump with adjustable wear packings. Solid, stepped displacement rod with stationary packings
  • Catalyst Manifold Assembly with Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge & pressure relief valve
  • System air control regulators, air filter, gauges and valves
  • 55 Gallon drum siphon kit
  • 25′ Gun Hoses
  • Above mounted on 55 gal. cart, mast and 12 Ft. pneumatically supported and tension adjusted boom


  • Catalyst Flowmeter/Pressure relief manifold with stainless steel catalyst pressure gauge in above system (Recommended)
  • Internal mix gun with flush tank in place of external mix gun