Binks Century FRP High Efficiency Internal or External Mix, Portable Chopper System Mounted on Cart, Mast and Boom

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  • Century “LEL” (Low Emission Laminator) High efficiency external mix FRP Gun, Chopper and Nozzle tip
  • Binks Stainless Steel 17:1 Heavy-Duty Resin Pump
  • AX Air Motor with patented magnetic detent spool valve for quick switchover
  • Air motor to fluid section quick-disconnect coupling
  • Resin Outlet Filter & Pulsation Chamber with Self-Contained Pressure Drain System
  • 316 Stainless-Steel Heavy-Duty Catalyst Slave Pump with adjustable wear packings. Solid, stepped displacement rod with stationary packings
  • Catalyst Manifold Assembly with Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge & pressure relief valve
  • System air control regulators, air filter, gauges and valves
  • 55 Gallon drum siphon kit
  • 25′ Gun Hoses
  • Above mounted on 55 gal. cart, mast and 12 Ft. pneumatically supported and tension adjusted boom
  • Catalyst Flowmeter/Pressure relief manifold with stainless steel catalyst pressure gauge in above system (Recommended)
  • Internal mix gun with flush tank in place of external mix gun

Additional information

Weight 300 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 54 in

AIE, Binks




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